Christmas Cards take planning

So you missed all the Christmas Mini Sessions... Now What?

I've got some ideas for you.

It's DIY Time!

No, they wont look as good as if you had them professionally done, but with some instruction, we can make do!

  2. You can usually catch a mall Santa until the 25th, so see if there's one around you taking appointments!
  3. I have a great Santa I use for photos each year, and highly recommend you inquire for that super early next year, but for this year, this will be your best bet for Santa photos.
  4. Tree Farm Photos
  5. Grab a friend or your iPhone tripod and snap some family photos while picking out your Christmas tree.
  6. In Home
  7. In home photos are where we are going to get real creative.
  8. Experiment with angles, depth and focus.
  9. Do activities together. Some ideas -- baking, eat cookies by the tree, decorate the tree, read a Christmas story...etc.