One full year of motherhood has gone by so fast.

Wow! It’s bean a year!

I can’t believe we are already here. My son will be turning 1 this month. A year of motherhood! I’ve learned so much this year about myself and about being a mom. Here are some of my takeaways from my first year in the trenches of motherhood. 

  1. It’s not easy! From the moment of conception it’s been hard, and yet so rewarding and the happiest moments I’ve ever experienced! (It’s hard to explain till you go through it.) 
  2. It takes a village, and it’s not always easy to find that village. I’ve had to learn that, yes, I know the friends I made before having a baby are still in my corner, but unless they are in the same life stage, they simply won’t think to check in or show up in the ways I need as a mom. I’m so beyond thankful for the life stage I’m in and thankful for the friendships I have made this year in both mommy friends, photographer friends, and grown relationships with old friends!  For a while the growing pains of my relationships were really painful, but as Ive grown into myself, and continue to grow into my mommy role it has gotten easier. I now have learned to appreciate that relationships evolve with the life stages.
  3. Refer to above, ^ it’s wild how you begin to categorize your friend groups based on the pillars of your life. I mean God places people in your life for a reason and or a season, so I guess it makes sense. 
  4. It takes really thick skin! Your feelings will get hurt by other mom’s opinions, the internet, and even family because no one does motherhood the same and THATS OKAY! You find what works for you and your family and roll with it! I can’t tell you the amount of time I’ve had people roll their eyes at something I do. But in the same, I’ve also had so many people in my corner praise the way I do motherhood and that’s what sticks with you most. 
  5. The female body is amazing! It is actually insane to see how much you physically change in a year.
  6. Seeing things through a babies eyes is literally like re-learning everything you've ever known! It is so cool to watch your kid discover their toes, or how a door works, or what a dog is. (just some silly examples) I've learned so much just from watching him learn.
  7. I truly believe now that we have made it through the first year, each little fussy phase seems easier. I think now that we've seen the phases come and go so quickly it makes me cherrish those moments when he wants to be snuggled, or wakes up sad at night and wants to be held even more than I did at day one.

I could go on for days, but motherhood is truly something you have to experience to really fully appreciate. I am so thankful for this path and that God chose me to be this little boys mom.