Spring Wedding Timeline

Let's start with a little disclaimer. Wedding timelines are not all created equal. You will likely have to make this one into your own version to compliment your day. This is built for a 10 hour wedding day.

Have a backup plan for your outdoor wedding

Yes, I am sure you have heard this a trillion times, but weather is unpredictable. If you live in the south during the spring it is especially unpredictable. You will want a back up plan in the case of rain and inclement weather.

Spring Wedding 10 Hour Timeline

10 Hour Timeline

9:00am - Bride and bridesmaids arrive at location to get ready

Hair and makeup arrive and get to work

10:00am - Photographer arrives + introductions and get out equipment

10:15am - Photographer gathers items for detail photos (dress, shoes, jewelry, vow books, perfume, etc.)

10:45am - Photographer begins "getting ready photos"

11:30am - Bride begins hair and makeup

11:45pm - Groom and groomsmen getting ready photos

MOG and Groom photos

Groom + Groomsmen Portraits

12:30 - Back to bride and bridesmaids

Bride ready, any group photos (matching shirts, robes, etc.)

1:00pm - Bride into dress, MOB and Bride photos

1:30pm - First look, touch, or prayer

2:00pm - Bride and Bridesmaid Portraits

2:30pm - Full Bridal Party Photos

3:00pm - Bride Tucked away before ceremony (guest will arrive an hour early it always happens)

4:00pm - Ceremony begins

5:00pm - Family Portraits

Cocktail Hour begins

5:30pm - Bride and Groom Portraits

6:00pm - Bride and Groom enter reception

immediately do first dances

6:15pm - food begins (photographer eats here)

begin speeches here

6:45pm - cut cake

7:00pm - Dance Floor

7:45pm - Send off or fake send off