Wedding Day Photo Ideas

Wedding Day Getting Ready Photos

There are so many options for getting ready photos, but here are some of my "must-take" images on a wedding day.

  • Groomsmen Walk-in
  • Bridesmaids doing final touches on the bride
  • Bride getting her dress zipped up
  • Bride putting on jewelry

As a documentary photographer, I try not to set up photos, but go with what is already happening in the room. most the time a lot of these shots naturally happen, you just have to step out of the way and watch.

groomsmen walk in wedding photo
bride getting ready wedding photo
bride and mom getting ready wedding photo
bride putting on jewelry wedding portrait

Wedding Day First Look Photos

First looks are pretty self explanatory, but here are some shots I like to get during first looks, first touches, and other firsts.

  • The bride tapping the groom or fathers shoulder
  • Bride pinning the boutonniere on father, or mom pinning on the groom
  • The fathers reaction to the bride (kinda a given)
  • A wide shot of the first touch however that takes place
bride first look with dad on wedding day
bride pinning boutonniere on dad weddign day
bride and dad first look on wedding day
bride and groom first touch on wedding day

Wedding Bridal Portraits

Ceremony is pretty self explanatory, and honestly a bit out of my control as a photographer. Plus, I like to capture this part of the day as it unfolds naturally, so that said, lets move to portraits.

  • The couple walking is a favorite shot for me. I don't love telling the couple to walk, I prefer to capture this one when they are literally walking from one location to the next. Sometimes when you ask someone to walk, they feel awkward and get stiff, so I have a few ways to help fix this. (literally have a whole post coming on that)
  • Get under the veil! This shot is always a favorite of mine and the couple. It makes for such an intimate shot, as well as gets some natural looking laughs. After all it is quite silly looking to have three people standing under a piece of fabric.
  • Kiss and drop the flowers, the more princess diaries like the better. You an even pop the foot to give the dress a little extra lift.
  • Bride lead the groom or groom lead the bride. I usually play this one off the dress. If the train is longer, have the groom lead.
Bride and groom walking on wedding day
bride and groom under veil in nature at cedars of Lebanon state park
bride and groom portrait in Hendersonville Tennessee
Bride leading groom on wedding day

Wedding Bridal Party Pictures

The bridal party portraits are some of my favorites, based on the personalities and dynamic of the group, this is where you can get really creative with the posing.

  • Depending on the bridal party, this is a must. I love having the groomsmen throw the groom or bride in the air. (Just make sure they are confident in their catching abilities.)
  • The Tunnel! There are several variations to this, but is adds so much to a typical bridal party photo and highlights the couple. If the bridesmaids have flowers, have them shake them while the groomsmen do spirit fingers.
  • Obviously a candid laughing photo is a must, but some of my fave ways to get those laughs going are -- having the bridesmaids all sing a song, having the groomsmen behind me trying to get laughs, or having them all look at "the one who would go to jail first", "the one who is the clumsiest", etc.
  • The sneak attack. Have all the groomsmen run up behind eht groom, or the whole bridal party behind the couple and hug them or tackle them.
groomsmen throw groom in the air on wedding day at cedars of Lebanon state park
bride and groom walk through bridal party tunnel on wedding day
bride and bridesmaids laughing on wedding day
groom and groomsmen on wedding day