Wedding timelines can be one of the hardest part in planning a wedding. 

I share this document with all my couples once there wedding is booked, but I think it's time to share it with the world. As a service based provider in this industry, my primary goal is making sure I serve those shopping in the industry well. So, no matter if you vibe with my photography style or not,  LETS BE FRIENDS. I want to help you in the wedding planning process no matter if you are my client or not.

Here are a few things to think about when planning your wedding timeline.

What do you what as the backdrop of your ceremony photos?

If you are getting married outside, do you want...

 Bright direct sun? Golden Hour/ Sunset? Dark?

This all matters because it will determine the rest of your day.

If going for  direct sun, here are some things to consider... It will likely be hotter outside during your ceremony if it is summer. You may have harsh shadows and highlights in your photos, so you will want to work with a photographer who is experienced and shoots well in direct light.

If you want the ceremony to be  during golden hour, here are some things to consider... Depending on the length of your ceremony, you may not be able to get all portraits in before the sun goes down. 

I would suggest getting married slightly  before the sun goes down. This will time it perfect for your kiss as a married couple to have the golden light behind you and likely leave enough time for you to get in your bridal portraits.

It's not traditional, but if you are getting married when its  already dark outside... You need some form of lighting, and to be okay with flash going off throughout your ceremony. Most cameras need some form of light to focus, so you will need at least a glow from twinkle lights.

Here is typically how much time will be needed for photographers during each part of your day.

Pre Ceremony: 

20-30  minutes for bride and bridesmaids as well as groom and groomsmen portraits

I suggest making sure you do portraits with your bridal party before the ceremony. It is one less thing you have to worry about after the ceremony and will allow you to get to the reception sooner.

10-15  mins for bride and father first look

make sure done at-least 30 mins before ceremony

10-20  mins for bride and groom first look or first touch

After Ceremony:

35-45  mins after ceremony for big bridal party shot, family photos and bridal portraits

Here is a little mock timeline just so you can see what they typically end up looking like as well. 

Mock timeline for an 8 hour wedding:

2:00- Photographers Arrive (scope out the venue, meet everyone...etc.)

3:00- Getting Ready Photos (Lead Photographer will stay with bride and bridesmaids, second goes to groom and groomsmen)

4:00- Bride First Look with Dad

4:15- Bridal Party Portraits (Bride+Bridesmaids and Groom + Groomsmen)

4:45- Down to venue lineup for ceremony 

5:00- Ceremony

5:30- Cocktail hour begin

5:35- Family Portraits and Big Bridal Party Shots

5:50- Bridal Portraits (just bride and groom)

6:20- Bride and groom enter cocktail hour

6:45- Food/ Reception Begin

9:50- Exit Reception