It can feel extra... and in some ways it is.

A wedding exit can feel like a cliche thing to do, but let me tell you why I think every couple should have some variation of this tradition in their wedding day.

  1. It's a time to let your people celebrate you as you enter the world as a married couple. Man and wife!
  2. It makes for great photos.
  3. No matter how big your wedding is, you deserve to leave the ceremony or reception feeling like the most important people in the world! This is a special day and worth celebrating accordingly.

Side note, you don't have to do the grand exit at the end of the reception. Consider doing it as you walk back down the isle after being pronounced man and wife.

Here are some ideas for a Grand Wedding Exit:

Sparkler Exit

While this one often leaves me worried I will be leaving the wedding bald and I don't know that I'm totally behind giving drunk guest fire sticks, it makes for some dang good photos!

  • This works best once it's dark out.

Photo of Alyssa and Josh Mesamore

October Wedding at The Emerald Union in Gallatin TN.

Bubble Exit

Perfect for a daytime exit

  • I recommend having an electronic bubble blower with the guest as well for more bubbles in the pictures.
Photo of Kenzi and Wesley Scott

Spring Wedding at Cedars of Lebanon State Park

Color Powder

There are several culture that do this as a tradition and it makes for some of the most colorful and vibrant photographs.

  • I recommend getting ponchos for each guest as well. And buy washable powder!
Photo of Shea and Tanner Germany

Wedding in Nashville Tennessee

Confetti or Flower Petals

These make for BEAUTIFUL photos!

  • I found a super cool company recently that makes lightweight rice paper confetti. Not only is it biodegradable, but it is made yo float around int he air for longer and makes for even more magical photos. Here's a link.
Photo of Caylor and Andy Bryant

Fall Wedding at the Cole Springs House

Phone Flashlights or even spirit fingers

While it may sound simple, it makes for cute photos. If it's night-time, make a tunnel and whip out those phone flashlights. Daytime just make a tunnel and get to cheering! Bonus points if the groom picks the bride up to cary her out the door like Brandon did here!

Photo of Anna and Brandon Wynsma

Spring Wedding at Cedars of Lebanon


Football fans, this one is for you! Streamers are also a perfect daytime exit that makes for some cute shots if you get everyone to shake them at different heights.

Photo of Becca and Nicky Aubrey

Fall Wedding in Hendersonville TN


If you really want to ball out, this is your best bet. Have a full fireworks show to close out your wedding reception!

Wedding at Leeric Lodge on Center Hill LAke in Tennessee