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Hi, I am Kenzi Tope.

I'm Kenzi Marie Tope. 

I've been in the industry since 2016 but went full time with photography  in 2019.

 I have a degree  in broadcast media and print journalism, but my primary focus through college was in photojournalism.

What's unique about what I offer?

It means that I have a passion for storytelling and making sure that the final product I deliver to you is true to your story.

Creating images that both tell a story and become a timeless heirloom is my goal in every session. I specialize in candid, natural imagery. So that means no forced poses, but lots of movement. My editing style is true to color with warm tones.​​​​​​​

capturing the raw moments

My prayer is that everyone who steps in front of my camera feels seen and loved.

Some images of me in my favorite elements.

I'm a mama to the cutest 1 year old, and most adorable puppy, the wife to a smoking hot football coach, I would describe myself as a coffee loving outdoor enthusiast who is not afraid to share her fierce love of Jesus to anyone she meets. My love language receives best in quality time and gives in gifts and acts of service. I'm an introverted extrovert (meaning I will be extroverted in a social setting but need time to recharge on my own.)

I take pride in my art and often have a hard time separating my own worth from it. I am a follower of christ and love spending quality time in the word. You can be assured that I will pray over your session; be it a wedding day, birth, pregnancy, and any other milestone we are capturing! I place the Lord first in my business and truly believe He is the only reason I've gotten to where I am at this point.

First Reactions

First Reactions

“AH THOSE ARE AMAZING!!!! We love them and can't wait to see the rest! Thanks so much for everything!”

I'm your photographer if...

You would rather spend your time in the outdoors.
Enjoy a good belly laugh.
Want the moments in-between captured.
Appreciate photography as an art form.
Are down to chat over coffee.

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