I'm Kenzi Marie Tope, The face behind the camera

Creating images that both tell a story and become a timeless heirloom is my goal in every session.

Having a background in journalism allows me to capture your story in a unique way. Each session will feel like a movie unfolding, with you as the actor and director, I'm just the producer. (I'll always help you plan along the way though!)

I specialize in candid, natural imagery. So that means no forced poses, but lots of movement. My editing style is true to color with warm tones.​​​​​​​

maternity photos in spring
maternity photos at picnic
western inspired couples photos in Nashville TN
pregnant mama by the lake
family photo in black and white in the fall
dad holding pregnant moms belly for maternity photos
cowboy and wife sitting in a field
Just married couple exiting the ceremony'
Cedars of Lebanon State Park wedding in the fall
Cedars of Lebanon Bridal Party
Aaron Stinnie and fiancé in Nashville TN
Pregnant mama glowing by the lake

My Why

Because Life is Short.
Time Moves Quick.
Memories Fade.
Photos Are All That's Left Behind.

I want my children and yours to have photos to look back on even when we're gone.
I strive to create Heirloom imagery for you and your loved ones to cherish for years to come.

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What does being a documentary photographer mean to me?

It means that I have a passion for storytelling. Not only do I want to take photos of you to document the phase of life you are in, I also want to make those images true to you and your relationships .

Storytelling within photography looks different than a book, I know, but it is such a raw form of storytelling.

Like a book, I want you to be able to go through your gallery of images and reminisce on the story of that day or that session. Why was the photo taken? What was happening during that time? What did that moment feel like?


What Sessions I Offer

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