Your family changes every year

Aside from the fact that having updated photos it fun and necessary for a Christmas card, here is my why behind family sessions.

Here are 5 reasons you need to book a family session yearly.

1 . Life moves so fast! Since having a kid, I've seen first had how fast they change and grow up and looking back i wish I had more photos with him done when he was first born.

2. You never know when a photo will be the last of someone you love. In the past few years, I've lost several close relatives and wish I had more pictures to hold onto.

After losing my grandpa, I find myself looking back through family photos often and wishing we would have taken the time to actually get photos done when I was older. We have tons as kids, but not many recent.

When all is done, we only have photos and memories, and memories fade.

3. Your home will feel more homey when you have family photos on the wall!

Yes, I'm telling you, PRINT YOUR PHOTOS! I have a print shop attached to all my galleries for your convenience. What's the point in investing in photos if you don't even print them out?

4. Christmas cards! These are a great way to update those you love on whats changed in your life in the past year. And who doesn't love getting actual mail?!

If you do take photo with me and use them for as Christmas cards, send me one! I love seeing them!

5. It's fun. Taking family photos doesn't have to be a pain. Come in your favorite outfits and lets make it a full on family date night!

Think outside the box on this. Let's go get ice cream and take photos, pizza party in your living room, fishing at the lake, going on a sunset boat ride, having a campfire, walk through a tree farm and pick out a Christmas tree. They all make for precious family moments. These also make for an easy way to keep the family entertained while I snap some photos of you. The candids always turn out better anyways so why not make them all candid?