Motherhood is a beautiful process. 

It is hard. It is rewarding. It’s full of smiles, tears, sickness, happiness and so much more. Your body is growing a human. Thats amazing, and very much worth taking the time to capture.

You are literally growing eyeballs... like what?! 

You will want to look back on this journey. In case no one has told you, your  journey to motherhood is a big deal!

No matter how you are entering this season, I want to help you capture it in all its  beauty.

As a mama, I think it is so important to capture this life stage.

I remember while I was pregnant, I dreaded taking photos because I just didn’t look like myself. While I was so proud of my body for growing a human, I still just didn’t feel up to photos.

Now, I look back at those photos and am so happy we took them. I love that my husband and I decided to document that life stage. 

I had HG while I was pregnant and several other complications. It was HARD! I spent more of my time looking at the bottom of the toilet bowl than anything else. At times I found myself wishing it over, and then would feel bad because so many people wanted to tell me how I should feel in that time. 

If I had a dollar for every person who told me I would forget how awful it was, or that I should just be happy to be pregnant... I'd be able to buy this kid anything he wanted. haha. 

But all that aside, I documented that time with a very chill session followed by a date night, and it was one of the highlights of my pregnancy. 

So, if you're struggling like I did, you may even find some joy in a little time to actually get to celebrate all that your body is doing.  Maybe even consider an at home session to capture the true state of your pregnancy.

When I take maternity photos, I want you to feel as relaxed as possibly. We will pick a location, outfits and a vibe that feels true to you and your partner. 

During the session, my goal is to be a fly on the wall and capture you and your significant other in your own unique beautiful way that really reflects your pregnancy.

Yes, I will provide direction, but mostly in prompts, not so many meticulous poses.

It should be fun and relaxing!