Here are some tips when booking a shoot at a park. 


  1. Check the park website for updated restrictions for Photography. Some parks require permits!
  2. Location scout before the session. You don’t wanna show up and drag clients down a trail to nothing just cause you saw it on someone else’s post.
  3. Be prepared for all weather situations. Bring things to help your clients with those weather situations. (Umbrellas, boots, wet wipes, towels, tide pin…etc)
  4. Remind your clients beforehand the trails can be muddy and dusty, so they may wanna wear a different pair of shoes to hike in and change for the session... same with outfits.
  5. I carry a changing tent with me to all sessions just in case. 
  6. Have a backup plan. Sometimes (more likely than not) park websites aren't  updated and the trail you might want to go on is closed so make sure you have a back up plan for a different location in the park. You might even consider calling the ranger office for the park before hand to be sure that the trails are open.
  7. Take out what you bring in! Keep the parks clean for everyone else so we can continue to shoot there! 
  8. Don't over share exact shoot locations. No, I'm not saying to gate keep locations from other photographers, but don't geo-tag exact trails. This will cause locations to become more heavily trafficked and make it harder to shoot at. If someone ask a location, sure tell them, but the less you can share exact locations, the more they are preserved.  

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